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Viral Short Film ‘Target Practice’ Hits the Mark on the Modern Day Lynching of Black Men in America


DIRECTED BY YASMIN NEAL | RUNTIME 6 minutes 39 seconds

“Powerful!!!!!” – Viola Davis

“Haunting & gut-punching short film…made in honor or #AhmaudArbery & the too many…bravo all & thank you.” – Jill Hennessey

Target Practice follows Calvin, a young African American boy who has an issue that he can’t seem to get rid of, so he embarks on a journey for help. As he wanders through a big, intimidating world searching for someone to come to his aide, he stumbles upon a doctor’s office and enters. He is greeted by a female assistant, but he shies away from her until he receives the attention of the male doctor in the room that looks like him. When the doctor approaches, Calvin speaks for the first time asking, “Can you help me take this off?” He then lifts his shirt to unveil an ugly truth that the doctor knows will plague the young boy for a lifetime.

Written and directed by Yasmin Neal, Target Practice has become a viral representation of “modern day lynching” and embodies the ongoing struggles of police brutality and racism that the Black community, especially Black men, endures every day in America. Recent protests and civil unrest surrounding the unnecessary deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, have fueled the message of the film and have given a platform to the sobering violent and unjust reality of our nation and society.

Award-Winning Writer, Director and Producer, Yasmin Neal is a native of Clayton County, Georgia. Her films, which include Queen of Kings, Incensed, Enoch, Field Practice, Cry Wolf and Target Practice have won awards across the United States and Canada. Her work has been featured at Morehouse Human Rights Film Festival, Loyola University (California) and countless other venues and festivals across the nation.
Yasmin was also the youngest member of the GA House of Representatives from 2011-2013, elected at the age of 25 years old. In the House of Representatives, Yasmin served on the Judicial Non-Civil Committee (sets GA criminal law), Public Safety and Homeland Security, and Children and Youth.
With a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and an MBA in Global Management, Yasmin has served a police officer on the chief’s staff at the Clayton County Police Department, and was a detective in the major felony unit. Yasmin also worked at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department as an internal affairs/ backgrounds and hiring investigator, and then an Investigator in the fugitive unit. Yasmin also attended the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.





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