Video-Shopping Platform TVRunway Launches Today!

July 28th, 2016 – TVRunway publicly launches today. The 1st search engine of its type, TVRunway helps women identify any article of clothing worn in any online video while they watch. No tags, pins, or prior edits to the video are necessary and there is nothing for the user to download. Instead, TVRunway’s API integrates on video distributors’ websites then machine learning matches the requested item with what 300+ retailers have for sale at that exact moment.

Starting today, TVRunway technology is available for use on Stream Now TV across more than 1000 shows and films. Participating retailers include Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, and more.

TVRunway’s launch comes one month after the release of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. In her report, Meeker highlights the current ineffectiveness of video advertising, sharing an 81% ad mute rate and concluding, “If there’s ever been a call to arms to create better ads, this is it.”

“That’s exactly what we’ve done,” says TVRunway CEO, Terena Bell. “Forcing ads down people’s throats for what you think they want doesn’t work. But with TVRunway, the user is in control. She’s watching the show she wanted to watch already, and she decides when to learn more about something in it. It’s the pull–not push–approach that video advertising desperately needs.”

TVRunway does not charge video distributors; rather, the company pays them part of the retailer’s participation fee. This creates a new, non-obtrusive revenue stream for an industry that currently loses $21.8 billion a year to ad blockers.

“Partnerships with innovative companies like TVRunway allow for increased monetization and engagement without adding friction to the user,” Stream Now TV CEO, Ron Valderrama, says about the launch. “The entire industry needs a shakeup to adapt to the changing viewing habits of consumers. The younger demographic in particular will benefit from partnerships like this.”


About TVRunway:
TVRunway is a visual search engine that allows women to find the clothes from online videos without editing or tagging the original video in any way. Instead, TVRunway’s API uses machine learning algorithms to match any selected item with 300+ retailers’ current inventories, providing real-time, in-player results. Learn more at

About Stream Now TV, Inc:
Stream Now TV, Inc. is a standalone streaming service that curates independent films and shows. With a mission to break down barriers for talented creators, Stream Now is available on any screen including web, mobile apps and TV set-top boxes. It is the easiest way to find and discover amazing indie content. Learn more at

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