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Trans Rights Documentary THE MOST DANGEROUS YEAR Just Released on VOD+DVD


“What makes The Most Dangerous Year so beautifully effective is its representation of these loving, proud families who choose to stand up for the humanity and humane treatment of their children — and the politicians who listen.”  ~ Los Angeles Times

“Inspiring and infuriating at the same time.”  ~ The Hollywood Reporter

“..if you care about civil rights you need to see The Most Dangerous Year.”  ~ BlogCritics.com

“…thoughtful and sympathetic, and most of its subjects emerge as heroes who show the courage and integrity to live their lives”  ~ Common Sense Media

“…a powerfully moving piece of documentary filmmaking..passionate, thought-provoking and intellectually honest.”  ~ MovieFreak

In early 2016, when a dark wave of anti-transgender “bathroom bills” began sweeping across the nation, The Human Rights Campaign published a report identifying 2016 as the most dangerous year for transgender Americans. In Washington State alone, six such “bathroom bills” were introduced in the State Legislature. Filmmaker Vlada Knowlton captured the ensuing civil rights battle from the perspective of a group of embattled parents as they banded together to fight a deluge of proposed laws that would strip away the rights of their young transgender children. With the help of a coalition of state lawmakers and civil rights activists, these families embarked on an uncharted journey of fighting to protect and preserve their children’s human rights and freedoms in this present-day civil rights movement.  As one of these parents, Knowlton presents an intimate portrait of her own struggle to protect her 5-year-old transgender daughter from laws inspired by hate and fear.  Take a look at the trailer here.

From tension-filled Senate hearings in Olympia to intimate household settings of the families involved; from thought provoking conversations with key lawmakers to elucidating facts explained by leading scientists, The Most Dangerous Year explores the transgender civil rights battle in all its richness and complexity. While the film follows the story and outcome of anti-transgender legislation in Washington, the heart of the film lies in the stories of the families who made the decision to accept and support their kids for exactly who they are.

The Most Dangerous Year is directed by Seattle based award-winning filmmaker, Vlada Knowlton. Knowlton’s first documentary feature, Having It All, was selected by Washington’s PBS station, KCTS9, as the anchor program for its “Women Who Inspire” series, and went on to also be broadcast by Oregon Public Broadcasting.   Knowlton was recently selected as an Honoree in Queerty’s Pride50 for 2019.  Queerty’s Pride50 marks 50 years of remarkable advancements in LGBTQ culture since Stonewall and recognizes 50 trailblazing individuals who actively ensure that society continues moving towards equality, acceptance and dignity for all queer people.  She joins an impressive group of artists, activists and authors including Ellen Page, Lizzo, Sir Elton John and Pete Buttigieg.  Knowlton is also featured in Visit Seattle’s interview series, #weSEAlove: Behind the Image. #weSEAlove is a social media campaign and visual online gallery that celebrates Seattle’s LGBTQ community. The interview series ‘goes behind-the-image’ of some of the most poignant photos from the Instagram account, @weSEAlove – celebrating images and stories that showcases how Seattle approaches the world: with love and acceptance.

he Most Dangerous Year premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival, receiving a runner-up award for Best Documentary, and went on to win a Best Social Issue Documentary award at the Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival. The film is produced by Knowlton, along with Chadd Knowlton and Lulu Gargiulo.  The film had a successful limited theatrical run in April 2019, and is currently 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

THE MOST DANGEROUS YEAR will be available nationwide on VOD and DVD beginning July 9.

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