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The Strokes share new episode of pirate radio series featuring Colin Jost and producer David Kahne

The latest episode of The Strokes‘ ongoing pirate radio show, “Five Guys Talking About Things They Know Nothing About,” is out now ~ Watch/share the episode Here:

It is the fourth installment of the show, and second in a series in which the band chats with the producers of each of their albums.  

Today’s episode features The Strokes in conversation with Grammy-winning producer David Kahne—who produced the band’s 2006 album First Impressions of Earth and has also worked with Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Lana Del Rey and New Order, amongst many others—as well as their longtime friend, SNL’s Colin Jost.  

The Strokes’ latest album, The New Abnormal, is out now to critical acclaim. Album track “Bad Decisions” is currently #6 at Alternative radio and continues to climb, marking the band’s first Alternative Top 10 since 2006 and setting the record for the most time between Alternative Top 10 entries. “Bad Decisions” also went #1 on AAA in April.  Watch the recently released “Ode to the Mets” video here: 

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