May 23, 2019: Clean tech startup LOLIWARE has been named the winner of PITCH 2019 at Collision, known as the TIFF for tech.

PITCH, in partnership with, brings together the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live onstage battle. This year around half of the 1,100 startups at Collision applied to be part of the competition, with 60 being selected and given the opportunity to present at the PITCH stage.

Co-founded by Chelsea F. Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker from New York, LOLIWARE is the world’s leading seaweed technology to replace single use plastics. It’s poised to completely replace single-use plastics beginning with the launch of the company’s new seaweed-based straw.

“​The plastics problem is quite literally as deep and as wide as our oceans so we feel an unrelenting sense of urgency to ensure we achieve huge impact through rapid adoption at massive volume.​” – said co-founder, Chelsea F. Briganti.

“​Winning PITCH is an incredibly exciting milestone for LOLIWARE. It signals the strides we have made in material science innovation, coupled with our ability to achieve meaningful environmental impact, would be positioned for great success.​ ”

“​Powering the PITCH competition this year has been uniquely special as it wasn’t so long ago that I was on that very stage, presenting’s vision to a panel of judges (we didn’t win but the journey has been incredible). That vision was, and continues to be, rooted in the belief that anyone who has a great idea should be empowered to bring it to life. It’s an ethos that truly aligns with what PITCH is about.​” –’s co-founder and CEO, Sachin Dev Duggal

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About Collision

Collision is the fastest growing tech conference in North America. Now in its sixth year, Collision has gone from 5,000 to 25,000 attendees in 2019. Created by the team behind Web Summit, the world’s largest and most influential tech event, Collision attracts CEOs of the world’s largest companies, founders of the most exciting startups, leading investors and media from more than 120 countries.


LOLIWARE is venture backed by Closed Loop Ventures, Hatzimemos/Libby, NY State Venture Fund, and Mark Cuban, and has several Fortune 500 companies partnering to make the switch to LOLIWARE Straws including Marriott, Pernod Ricard, and three additional corporates to be announced over the course of 2019. The first wave of LOLIWARE Straws are shipping the week of March 7th to pre-orders and early adopters.