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Note: All content on the site goes through editorial review. Content is never guaranteed, and is at’s editorial discretion. There are over 3,000 examples of content on the site of what kind of content is publishable. Content will go into editorial review, and be done as soon as possible. You will be emailed an update within 12 hours.

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Content that you can syndicate includes:

  • Press Releases
  • Premiere/Event footage
  • Opening
  • Events
  • Event News
  • Event Recap
  • Professional Q&A Interviews
  • Professional Reviews

Photo galleries (with captions and/or titles), youtube/vimeo videos, and soundcloud links all display beautifully. 

Rules: No Ads. No Advertorial style content. No blog style content. 

You will be able to put content in up to 6 Scenes. If you do not see a scene that you think should be included, message it or email it to [email protected]. You can submit content for the Public, or you can choose to to reach only Curators (Influencers/Press).

Tracking links: Do not use any tracking links. Tracking links will not be published. Use only pure links. Why? This site respects privacy, and does not track beyond Cloudflare analytics. 

Traffic: We only use Cloudflare analytics and do not track otherwise, because of sitewide no tracking policy. Cloudflare uniques have averaged approximately 30k unique visitors a month for the past two years. Also, you can always view live Alexa ratings here:

Cost: $25 a month

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