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Publish Press Release:

  • New Release/Premiere
  • Announcement/Update
  • Event Recap with pics/video

Rules: Advertorials/Ads are not accepted.. Opinions/Blogs are not accepted with the exception of professional reviews. Hate content is not accepted in any way, shape or form. Press Release is not guaranteed, and is at’s editorial discretion. Press Release will go into editorial review, and be done as soon as possible (within 24 hours max). Videos, soundcloud, and pictures display fully in posts. Do not use any tracking links, use only pure links. Tracking links will not be published because this site is anti-tracking.

You will be the author of the press release, and your profile will be displayed at the bottom of the post so that you are the contact person for the content. You will always be able access your content, and it can be edited or deleted at any time. If edited, it will undergo editorial review again.

If you have a lot of content to publish regularly, and need help, you can syndicate your content. Just contact us about it.

You can put your post in up to 6 Scenes. If you do not see a scene that you think should be included, email your suggestions.

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