Maez301 Signs With Strange Music & Announces M EP

Due In April, M EP Features Tech N9ne on “Ayyy”

Tech N9ne’s Strange Music has signed rising rapper Maez301. The Maryland-raised, Los Angeles-based artist is set to release his M EP in April, the first round of songs that will announce music’s next juggernaut.

M, which features Tech N9ne on “Ayyy,” is a scintillating collection of songs that boldly signals a noteworthy new artist with his own sound and artistic sensibility. “It’s an outcast vibe,” Maez301 reveals. “I’m not quite following the mold of the sound of the industry. It’s abstract. It’s noisy. It’s passionate. It’s about a lot of passion and love. It’s about people getting to learn me, to learn my story a little bit.”

The M EP also features “Get Em,” a braggadocio song where Maez301 showcases his chameleon-like ability to rap and sing at a dizzying range of speeds and styles. Other tracks are the emotional anthem “No Rest” and the artistically robust “The Advance,” where Maez301 uses multiple voices and portrays several characters.

A higher level of artistry is something Maez301 wants to bring on every song and with each of his forthcoming projects. “I wanted to do something creative,” Maez301 explains. “Since my name is Maez, each EP is going to be a maze with one of the letters, the M maze, the A maze, the E maze, and then the full album will be the combination of all those things into one big maze. I thought that would be a cool way for the fans to engage in the artwork for the covers, too.”

Maez301 independently released his Nowhere project at the end of 2017. It caught the attention of Strange Music. From there, Maez301 appeared on “Unbreakable” and “Tremble,” two stellar selections from Big Scoob’s 2018 LP, Duality. Impressed by his character and his work ethic, Strange Music signed Maez301, paving the way for the company’s next superstar, one whose musical aspirations and talents are vast.

“That’s why I go by Maez,” he says. (He added the 301 to pay homage to Maryland.) “You never really know what you’re going to get from me. You get lost in all that is my creativity.”

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