Cannes, October 16, 2017: Emmy winning producer and director Stephanie Laing (HBO Veep, HBO Vice-Principals), PYPO founder, announced today that PYPO has entered into a partnership with Norwegian Air, the world fastest-growing airline and a multi-award winning low-cost airline. The partnership includes PYPO content to be introduced exclusively onboard both Norwegian’s long- and short-haul fleets, providing passengers with on-demand entertainment.  

PYPO’s first round of content will appear onboard Norwegian in March 2018 and the airline will have an exclusive window on the short form content created for the airline. The airline offers 64 routes out of the United States, more than any non-American airline and is the third largest low-cost airline in Europe.

Further developing their partnership, PYPO will produce a unique event for Norwegian in early 2018, with more information to be released before the end of this year. Additionally, the two brands will have the opportunity to partner on exclusive content creation.

“We are very happy to have Norwegian as the first airline to dedicate a channel for PYPO on their flights, a channel for their female passengers to laugh and be entertained. As a frequent flyer and a woman, I appreciate an airline catering to my needs,” said Laing. 

“We are truly excited to partner with Stephanie Laing and PYPO, which is a whole new direction for Norwegian. Together we will be able to bring our passengers fresh content, available on-demand either in your seat or on your personal device. We’re very pleased to be able to partake in Stephanie’s creative world and having something so unique produced for us,” said Anders Lindström, Norwegian’s Director of Communications, USA.

PYPO is a new 360-Degree Multi-Platform Content Network for women who are taking control of the conversation. PYPO contains a mix of original programming, editorial content and a few surprises to engage, inspire, inform and entertain women. The PYPO platform creates a place for women who are looking for a new narrative; one that speaks directly to who they are, and what they want. Women are encouraged to PYPE in and be part of a new conversation, one that is frank, authentic and often humorous.

Current PYPO content stars Rose Byrne, Norah jones, Michaela Watkins, Kathy Griffin, Mo Gaffney… directed by Stephanie Laing (IRREPLACEABLE YOU), Susan Jacobson (OH BE JOYFUL), Gracie Otto, Camille Solari…