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Songs For Good Presented by Nonprofit Social Good Fund Announces “Top 10” in 2020 Songwriting Challenge

Fans Set to Vote on #1 Anthem for Civic Engagement Leading Up to the 2020 Election Songs For Good Unites with March For Our Lives, RepresentUs, and Zero Hour To Crowdsource A New Soundtrack for Democracy

“Songs are the soul of a movement.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“A movement without song is a bird without wings.”
-John Lewis, U.S. Representative

Oakland, Calif. — Tuesday, September 8, 2020 — Songs For Good announces today the Top 10 songs by inspired artists spanning across America submitted to the 2020 Challenge to crowdsource anthems for a new soundtrack for democracy. Nearly 300 submissions to this nationwide songwriting competition received an initial round of review featuring GRAMMY-nominated artists and Jammcard musicians. Partner organizations, including March For Our Lives, RepresentUs, Zero Hour, National Children’s Campaign, Sunrise Bay Area, and Bridge USA reviewed the top 20 and will use the top 5 songs to mobilize at events leading up to Election Day in November. 10 independent musicians now contend for the #1 spot and the chance to win $5,000 plus song production featuring artist Madame Gandhi, and a music video. Four runners up will receive $1,000. Voting is open to the public from Tuesday, September 8 through Sunday, September 20, 2020; the top songs will be announced on National Voter Registration Day on September 22. To vote, please visit: songsforgood.org.

A new generation of voters brings unlimited possibilities for the 2020 election. The Songs For Good 2020 Challenge made a call to artists for purpose-driven music to reach the masses: songs that at once energize, provoke, speak to a wide range of people, can be performed with/without instruments, and are instantaneously catchy for large crowds to mobilize. Submitted recordings are intentionally not fully produced, studio tracks. The songs are in their raw, emotionally powerful forms.

An array of the foremost social and political activism organizations united in search of the soul of the movement. Bridging diverse communities through empowering songs with universal messages that Americans can call their own, Songs For Good broadcasts today’s leading anthems in the fight for a better tomorrow

Songs For Good-Finalists

The Top 10 artists for the Songs For Good 2020 Challenge are: Divinity Roxx “We Are” (West New York, NJ), Eric Tyler “Stand Up” (Orangeburg, NC), Flipsyde “Imagine Peace” (Oakland, CA), Glenwood Crowe “Drums For Justice” (Tempe, AZ), Kanika Feaster-Gordon & John Gordon “Vote2020” (Baltimore, MD), Jasmin & Candace Bevans “If We Change” (Baltimore, MD), Marquie Jackson & Broderic Thompson “Freedom” (Rosenberg, TX), Rachael Major “New Day” (Indianapolis, IN), Sunshine Becker “Lookin’ Out”(San Ramon, CA) and The Continuous “Change is Coming” (Nashville, TN). To listen to each song, please visit the following and vote at songsforgood.org.

Honorable mentions include: Casey Kuma “United,” Fiorella Saldonid, Daniel Chavez & Evan Bates “Set Us Free,” J.M. Smith “See Clearly,” Milla Rapper, Olivia Olson, Aaron Taos & Katie DiCicco “We Are History,” Paula Tiberius & Richard Duguay “We Are One” and Trish & Patricia Hosein “American Dream.” Sarah Hester Ross “Foot on the Gas” and Aleisha Murdock “Stolen Land” received the highest number of likes on social media in the first round, which automatically moved them to the second round.

RepresentUS partners with Songs for Good to feature top songwriting finalists in their upcoming event, “Unlock Your Power To #UnrigtheSystem,” a virtual roundtable on Tuesday, September 22 discussing the intersection between Democracy reform and racial justice. The event follows RepresentUs’ huge success with the recent “United to Save the Vote” event, which featured musicians such as Sia, Dave Matthews, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx and more, uniting to support Americans’ right to vote safely during COVID-19.

“We’ve yet to match or even approximate the musical portfolio that elevated the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. We have an opportunity to change that today with Songs for Good!” says Renaldo Pearson (RepresentUs, Director of External Affairs).

Brendan Duff (March for Our Lives, Co-Founder) adds, “Music has been absolutely integral to the March For Our Lives movement and culture since its inception. Artivism — the intersection of art and activism — is an extremely powerful tool for inspiring and connecting with others, yet its potential reach remains largely untapped. That’s why March For Our Lives is thrilled to partner with Songs For Good for the 2020 Challenge. Together, we’re encouraging our network to use their voices in more ways than one!”

Madame Gandhi (Music Producer, Artist) says, “What excites me about Songs For Good is knowing that some of the biggest revolutions in history have happened because of the musicians of the time. Music has always been one of the most powerful forms of art because it caters to the emotions and fosters a sense of empathy and motivation in the listener. It gives me great joy to lend my voice to an organization that seeks to use songwriting as a political tool to inspire change. It could not be a better partnership.”

Nicole Row (Bassist of Panic! at the Disco and Jammcard member) says, “I’m excited to be a part of the Songs For Good campaign to help give a voice to democracy. We’re in a critical crossroads as a country, and our collective voice has the power to create real change. Music has always been the great connector of the people. Let’s write our future together.”

Andrea Manning (ZeroHour, Deputy Music Director) says, “I think purpose-driven music is extremely important and that’s why I was really excited we were able to get involved with this challenge. When we think about songs that are going to really connect people and encourage them to do good, I think that is something that needs to be intentionally done and intentionally thought of.”

Nate Dewart (Songs For Good, Catalyst & Co-Creator) says, “It’s time to take action that matches the urgency of our situation. Songs For Good had circulated the concept to organizations and musicians, and there’s a clear consensus: a new soundtrack is needed, and should be created by those most impacted by our democracy’s failings. The 2020 Challenge amplifies powerful songs and the movements pushing for essential change.”

About Songs For Good
Songs for Good amplifies the good through music. We’ve launched the 2020 Challenge, a non-profit songwriting contest to boost civic engagement movements in the 2020 election cycle. We are crowdsourcing new anthems to fuel participation in our partner movements, that people will roar from coast to coast before November 3rd, in-person or online. Well before the global pandemic, we saw an opportunity to connect music and people-power through a competition to create a new soundtrack for democracy. And in hundreds of conversations with organizations, musicians and regular folks, there was a clear consensus: “yes, we need this.”

With everyone physically isolated, music and solidarity are more important than ever. The rules are more important than ever. And who makes the rules is more important than ever. It’s time to take action that matches the urgency and magnitude of the challenges we face — and our partner organizations are doing just that, mobilizing thousands of everyday Americans to fix what’s broken. We decide the future, and the future is now.

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