A new Facebook Watch series from executive producer Sofia Vergara, 365 DAYS OF LOVE, is documenting stories of love and humanity every day for one year. The series premiered on January 1, 2019 with a look into love as the common thread that connects humans around the world, from love for animals and overcoming addiction to familial bonds and things that just make us happy.

“Our aim is to spark a movement that challenges everyone in the world to contemplate the things that make us connected as humans as opposed to the things that divide us,” said Executive Producer Sofia Vergara. “By bringing the world closer together to discuss love, unity and inclusion, we hope to do our small part to project a positive future.”

Sofia Vergara Headshot By Matthias Vriens McGrath

Sofia Vergara Headshot By Matthias Vriens McGrath

Each episode of the series features fun and unique perspectives on love, with episodes ranging from 90 seconds to 15 minutes. Every week the 365 Days of Love team will partner with top talent, influencers, emerging filmmakers and everyday people to create a social collage of experiences that reflect a wide variety of issues affecting the world today. The stories being shared are personal and take on different forms, whether it’s an intimate story from an emerging filmmaker or a testimonial from a fan, each storyteller offers their own perspective of what love means to them.

Other episodes include:

  • Love of Makeup: Makeup has the power to transform more than just your face and makeup artist Spencer Claus shares how it has impacted his life.

  • We Love New York: Three sisters share their love of New York as a city of wonder and energy that inspires community, diversity, and joy.

  • Self Love with Alopeachia: Danielle shares her powerful story of self love — from losing all her hair as a young girl to becoming a model and inspiration for others

The series concept was developed by Kathleen Grace, CEO of New Form; Noah Meisner is Executive Producer for New Form. Vergara will serve as executive producer, along with her partner, Luis Balaguer at RAZE. To become a part of the 365 community or share your own story of love, go to 365 DAYS OF LOVE.