SingularDTV Ends 2017 With A Bang:
$5 Million Sci-Fi Anthology NEW FRONTIERS

NEW YORK, December 18, 2017 – SingularDTV, the Switzerland-based blockchain entertainment studio, ends its start-up year on a very high note: the launch of the $5 million sci-fi anthology NEW FRONTIERS, five shorts films, which together will form one feature-length film. Production will start in the first quarter of 2018.  NEW FRONTIERS is funded, produced and distributed by SingularDTV. Production partners are Ground Control Entertainment, XYZ Films, and producer Kyle Franke. FUTURISM STUDIOS is an executive producer on the project.

Launched in October 2016, SingularDTV presented its first film and music projects this year, scaling up its team to get ready for 2018. At the Zurich Film Festival in September, the company announced a documentary by Alex Winter (THE DEEP WEB) about crypto currency and block chain technology. Last month, SingularDTV raised $2 million in Ether cryptocurrency for Gramatik. Also in November, SingularDTV started working with the International Emmy Awards, presenting a panel moderated by Wall Street Journal’s crypto currency expert Paul Vigna with SingularDTV co-founders Zach LeBeau and Kim Jackson.

Recent top level hires include Chief Strategic Officer Shreesh Tiwari (former IMB partner), Chief Operating Officer Archna Desai (previously of Sterling Talent Solutions, Estée Lauder Companies), and Senior VP of Marketing Oliver Mahrdt (German Films, Hanns Wolters International Agency).

With a budget of $5 million, NEW FRONTIERS is the first film production ever to be financed and distributed using blockchain technology and the Ether cryptocurrency, powered by SingularDTV’s proprietary apps. The deal was negotiated by SingularDTV President of Entertainment Kim Jackson, with Chris Spicer and Nick Scott from Akin Gump for XYZ and Allison Binder for Ground Control Entertainment.

As Kim Jackson explains, “I’m very proud that SingularDTV is creating a new frontier of its own, with a peer-to-peer funding and distribution platform, connecting fans with the films and filmmakers that they love. Our platform allows for audiences and creators to mutually benefit from the success of any project. As long as they keep supporting projects, there is no end to the possibility of sequels or TV series continuing to reach eager audiences. With SingularDTV there are no disappointing cancellations of beloved pilots or series. It’s a self-sustaining franchise.”

With traditional ways of financing and distribution having lost their effectiveness, SingularDTV is a game-changer in the entertainment industry by producing NEW FRONTIERS with this sustainable, economic model. SingularDTV empowers creators with powerful tools to produce and distribute their content directly to audiences, creating a mutually beneficial value exchange without any gatekeepers. Its EtherVision distribution platform streaming channel built using blockchain technology will be offering films, music and other content later in 2018.

Blockchain technology gives creators unprecedented control over the exploitation of their work. It continuously syncs information on independent volunteer computers all over the world, which means the information is decentralized: not stored on any one server, meaning there is no potential for one individual or company to make adjustments to valuable data, such as revenue streams. The blockchain ensures total transparency, and the technology is already being used by leading companies and  institutions such as banks and the United Nations.

As a film producer, Jackson has been the driving force behind more than a dozen award-winning films including TUB (Sundance 2010), TRAN.SI.TIONS, (Hamptons Film Festival 2010), CHILDREN OF GOD (Newfest, Outfest 2010, HBO), GUN HILL ROAD (Sundance 2011 competition, 2011 Theatrical Release), and BLUE CAPRICE (Sundance 2013, MoMA New Films/New Directors, IFC/SUNDANCE SELECTS) and was nominated for a Spirit Award.  As executive producer, her recent credits include the James Franco, Christian Slater Tribeca Film Festival favorite KING COBRA, and the indie midnight hit JACK GOES HOME, starring Rory Culkin and Nikki Reed. Her latest film, THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES, opened October 27th and is currently in theaters.

NEW FRONTIERS directors: 
Ruairi Robinson is an Irish filmmaker whose debut feature films THE LAST DAYS ON MARS, starring Liev Schreiber and Olivia Williams, was featured in Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Last year, his proof of concept for THE LEVIATHAN sold to 20th Century Fox, with Neill Blomkamp producing alongside Simon Kinberg.

Stephan Zlotescu’s groundbreaking short film, “True Skin,” was recently set up at Amazon with Nicole Perlman (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, CAPTAIN MARVEL) set to write and Zlotescu to direct the full series. Stephan and his company PunkCity are in production on a slate of 5 sci fi series for Black Pills of which he is directing two.

Zac&Mac is the Spanish directing team of Macgregor and Bruno Zacarías. Their short films include 18 SECONDS, UYUNI, SIMILO and LOS ANGELES 1991 have placed high in a number of international competitions, earning over seventy awards. Their short film, LAW ZERO,  was in development with Warner Bros.

Tyson Johnston is an Australian-born film director and screenwriter and his short film LUNAR recently sold as a TV series to Blumhouse Productions and Matador Content.

NEW FRONTIERS screenwriter:
Philip Gelatt’s produced film works include EUROPA REPORT and THE BLEEDING HOUSE. As of 2017 he has two upcoming feature films: the Laird Barron adaptation THEY REMAIN and the rotoscope-animated surreal fantasy epic THE SPINE OF NIGHT.

SingularDTV is an EnTech (entertainment technology) company utilizing blockchain technology to create tokenized entertainment economies that empowers both content creators and consumers.  Built on Ethereum, these applications provide filmmakers and artists the tools to capitalize on its proprietary blockchain-based technology in order to fund, distribute and market their content, in a peer-to-peer ecosystem, eliminating traditional funding obstacles and distribution intermediaries.

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