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Shakey Graves’ “Georgia Moon” out now on DSP’s for the first time




March 18, 2021—“Georgia Moon,” the latest single from Shakey Graves’ forthcoming double LP Roll The Bones X, is out now. The song was previously released on Shakey Graves’ 2011 Bandcamp exclusive debut album Roll The Bones and is now available on all digital service providers for the first time. Listen to/share the song HERE

“On the first day of second grade I met Wesley Stewart,” says front-man Alejandro Rose-Garcia. “Well, in the long run, the result is an inseparable 20+ year friendship that has now driven every inch of interstate the country has to offer and flown to three separate continents. But back in 2008 neither of us had really left Texas much so we decided that it was time to see The Big Apple. We zoomed down the road in his decrepit Nissan, chewing beef jerky and searching for trouble, until we found ourselves in Tennessee. We agreed that the only smart thing to do at a time like this was to pull over and try to buy some moonshine. So, we veered off the highway at the first liquor sign we passed and kicked the door down. There, on a crude display pedestal sat a ziplock bag containing a can of 7 Up and a jar of cheap corporate white lightning, the sack was labeled the ‘Hillbilly Highball’ and it was on sale for $16.99. On I-81 with the molten juice in tow, an automated highway alert sign flew by that read ‘If You Booze It You Might Lose It.’ We cackled in joy and Wesley exclaimed ‘this deserves a country song!’ So, I pulled out a notepad and we scratched down the words to what we imagined to be a jaunty tongue in cheek hillbilly tune. Yet what resulted was a sweeter, more nostalgic tune than either of us could have ever conceived. The jokes became legends, the legends became songs, and the songs were friendship, distilled.”

Roll The Bones X, due April 2 via Dualtone Records, celebrates 10 years since the release of Roll The Bones. Accompanying the anniversary pressing are 15 additional tracks comprising an Odds + Ends LP, which stands as an essential document of Shakey Graves’ early era. Highlights include deep cuts, such as the first-ever true recording of “Late July,” a version that’s drastically different from the live rendition that’s generated over 14 million views on YouTube.

The special edition reissue has already generated widespread attention from Shakey Graves’ ever devoted fanbase, pre-selling over 3,500 copies of the deluxe vinyl reissue. Fans can pre-save Roll The Bones X HERE and pre-order the vinyl reissue HERE

Shakey Graves is the brainchild of Rose-Garcia who released Roll The Bones on Bandcamp in 2011 without any promotion and little information about Shakey Graves. That year, Bandcamp made it a featured album for a month and from there it has stayed among the website’s top-selling records. Over the past decade the record has gone on to sell well over 100,000 units—despite being offered to fans on Bandcamp for “name your price”—and as a result Shakey Graves has garnered a massive cult following. “

If you discover something for yourself, it will always hold more water because it’s tied to memory and coincidence,” Rose-Garcia says of embracing the direct-to-fan platform. “It gives you a sense of ownership as a listener.”

With Roll The Bones X, Rose-Garcia believes the release of his early output will provide some needed framing for his discography. It’s his genesis story, before he had the studio time to make his 2014 Dualtone Records debut full-length And The War Came or the full-band cohesion to create 2018’s Can’t Wake Up. To him, it’s a scrappy effort, but the most intentional work he’s ever produced. A decade later, he wouldn’t change a thing. “It’s a record that sounds like my years of exploration and influence, funneled through my abilities at the time—and it all became something bigger,” he muses.To celebrate the forthcoming release, Rose-Garcia will perform a livestream event on March 23 at Austin’s Sagebrush.

photo credit Magen Buse

Shakey Graves has sold over 400,000 records to date, while garnering over 325 million streams worldwide. In 2014, following the release of And The War Came, Shakey Graves won an Americana Music Award for “Emerging Artist of the Year” and the album’s hit single “Dearly Departed” sold over 500,000 units in North America alone. The 2018 full band follow up Can’t Wake Up was released to critical acclaim and Shakey Graves continued to tour relentlessly, including prestigious festival appearances both stateside and abroad. Not even the pandemic could pause Rose-Garcia’s penchant to create. In 2020 he released the Look Alive EP to coincide with an ongoing documentary/music video project, “Hello Gorgeous,” inspired by the name of his studio. Earlier this week, the “Hello Gorgeous” video project won “Best Online Series” as part of Austin Chronicle’s Austin Music Awards. Originally a solo music project, Shakey Graves now features a rotating cast of band members with varying setups and iterations.


DISC 1 (Roll The Bones)

1. Unlucky Skin

2. Built To Roam

3. Roll The Bones

4. I’m On Fire

5. Georgia Moon6. Business Lunch

7. City In A Bottle (Live @ 2023)

8. Proper Fence

9. The Seal Hunter

10. To Cure What Ails

DISC 2 (Odds + Ends)

1. Years Ago (Interlude)

2. Chinatown

3. Oh The Reign

4. The Night (Interlude)

5. Dusty Lion

6. Word Of Mouth (Early Version) [featuring Isaac Gillespie]

7. The Haunted Guitar (Interlude)

8. Late July (Early Version)

9. The Daily All10. Pansy Waltz (Demo)

11. Lonely Hill (Alt-Version)

12. The Teacher (Interlude)

13. Saving Face (Early Version Of Roll The Bones)

14. Bully’s Lament (featuring Isaac Gillespie & Morgan Heringer)

15. The Shepherd (Interlude)

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