Educational, engaging, fun and FUNNY music written by kids, with kids and for kids to empower confidence, inspire literacy, motivate movement and celebrate self-expression! Let yours heart sing, let your soul sparkle, LET YOURSELF SHINE!

Let Yourself Shine! is a record of songs written by Sara O’Brien and thirty plus children and teens from various South Jersey communities including Oaklyn, Camden, Colingswood, Audubon, Haddon Township, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights and Gloucester City), hence becoming the “Community Rocks! Kids.”

Locally, the Community Rocks! Kids are a group of kids and teens that come together to sing, dance, volunteer and give back to help their communities rock.

This is music with a message, music that makes a difference and makes you laugh. Everything from loose teeth, shiny shoes, eating meat and trick or treat to being thankful, kindness and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message non-violence.  Songs teaching kids about taking turns & sharing, problems with friends, trying and failing, then trying again.  The lyrics remind us all to work together, be thankful, ask for help and always BE YOURSELF!

Sara O’Brien and Community Rocks! is based in Gloucester City, New Jersey, right over the bridge from Philly. This album was recorded at Turtle Studios in Philadelphia, PA.

While Sara performs on tour, her own two children are usually by her side and kids from various states and cities can learn the music and “join the band.”  Her shows are always interactive and encourage the audience to be a part of the show.

Sara’s daughter Sadie Jane, sings on all the songs on the new cd and is featured on Loose Tooth and Together We Can Fly.

This is Sara O’Brien’s third cd of music written “by kids, with kids, for kids”.  The first two “Sara O’Brien & the Honeybabes” and “Please Stop Complaining” were written at Studio LuLoo, a creative and performing arts studio that was located in Oaklyn, NJ and was home to Community Rocks! for 10 years.

Sara works with children and teens to write and perform original songs that transform the ordinary, extraordinary, cherished and tragic moments of their lives into song that celebrate, heal, and give parents opportunity and perspective on how to address certain topics with their children.

Sara O’Brien & the HoneyBabes, where the whole “kids band” concept began, Sara teaching a voice lesson in Shamong, NJ and her student’s two cousins join in…(HoneyBabes name has Athens roots)

Sara’s “M.O” has always been interaction with her audience and boosting confidence in children.  Hosting kids and family open mic nights, performing large stages or school assemblies she’s always encouraged kids to get up on stage with her.  Kids become brave, their parents/grownups are joyful and proud.

This summer, after releasing CD in Athens, GA, Sara will tour up the east coast and locally in NY, NJ and Philadelphia, from Brooklyn (NY) to Brooklawn (NJ)

Locally in she is working with a NYC actor and director on a concept musical bringing together 15+ years of Community Rocks! music and message.

Artist: Sara O’Brien and the Community Rocks Kids
Album: Let Yourself Shine
Record Label: Self Release
Release Date: June 22, 2018

1. Thankful
2. Loose Tooth
3. Love Makes The World Go ‘Round
4. Let Yourself Shine
5. Vegetarian
6. Love, Love, Love
7. Together We Can Fly
8. Taking Turns and Sharing
9. Halloween
10. Make My Day
11. Rough Day