SOBIBOR tells the story about the only successful revolt in a Nazi death camp during World War II. The rebellion, led by the Soviet prisoner Alexander Pechersky, took place in the Nazi death camp Sobibor, located in Poland, in 1943. The movie focuses on Pecherky and the difficult choices he makes to organize the rebellion and escape. He risks many lives, including his own, to set free hundreds of Jewish prisoners. These very different people show equal heroism and courage and are united by the desire to live.

As well as directing, famed Russian actor Konstantin Khabenskiy also stars as Pechersky, alongside Christopher Lambert, who plays Nazi SS officer Karl Frenzel.

The film commemorates the 75th anniversary of the uprising at the Nazi death camp Sobibor. It was the only successful prisoner uprising during World War II and became a symbol of the strength of the human spirit and to the ability to fight evil amid horror. However, the uprising never gained wide public attention, in part because Sobibor itself was among the smallest of the Nazi death camp.

Release Date:                      March 29, 2019 – Los Angeles – Laemmle Music Hall
March 29, 2019 – Available nationwide on digital/VOD
Directed by:                        Konstantin Khabenskiy
Written by:                          Anna Chernakova, Michael Edelstein, Ilya Vasiliev
Cast:                                    Konstantin Khabenskiy, Christopher Lambert, Mariya Kozhevnikova,
Michalina Olszanska, Philippe Reinhardt, Maximilian Dirr
Genre:                                  Drama, Historical, War
Specs:                                  110 minutes
Distributor:                          Samuel Goldwyn Films