It’s hard to prepare any viewer for the scorching images displayed in Path of Blood, which is essentially a well-edited collection of video footage that was abducted by Saudi Special Forces when they raided the many hideouts of al-Qaeda members.

Director Jonathan Hacker doesn’t so much direct as he does arrange the footage, narrowing down hundreds of hours of it into a ninety-minute film, that makes you feel like a fly on the wall as we watch al-Qaeda members plot to overthrow the Saudi government. Some of the brutality has been taken out, but you will still be shaken by images of toddlers rolling around with loaded weapons, and terrorists psyching themselves up to be a suicide-bomber. Yes, it will be viewed as more fear-porn by Trump-supporters who consider all people from Middle East and Mexico to be dangerous. But you can’t deny the chilling-irony in seeing how extremists, like our current government, use God to justify their evil biding. You’ve never seen a doc on al-Qaeda like this.




PATH OF BLOOD will open theatrically on Friday, July 13 at the IFC CENTER in NEW YORK and Friday, July 20 at the LAEMMLE MUSIC HALL in LOS ANGELES with a National Release to follow.