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This Site Is Ad-Free. We Do Not Track You. If you look at the bottom of the site when it’s loading, you can see that we do not track you. Note: Images are optimized, but that has nothing to do with you or tracking, it’s just image optimization. That is what the wp01 is in the bottom when loading. does not track content and behavior across browsers and devices. We ask what you are into (instead of track and guess). Only that gets delivered to you, directly from the source(s), and only after approval (to ensure only the best content). Come and go as you please!

We don’t care about your data, because our business is not ads, tracking, and guessing what you want. Instead, it’s asking what you want upfront, and memberships.

People who do DIY(do it yourself) Media can and do use the same tracking links they use in their own emails included in their own content. These email links are no more than to see if people open or click on them, but not to retarget or target or track… the exact same as any email software works.

You Have Control Over Your Entire Experience.
You choose if you want people to be able to contact you or not. You choose if you want emails or not, how often and when. It’s all in your control.


A long time ago I learned that data is collected, disseminated, and sold to many, many, many sources. There are entire companies dedicated to buying and selling people’s data. All so that they can track you Everywhere you go online and force you ads, ads that (as I’m sure everyone has realized by now) often slow down and ruin your experience.

Imagine if a creepy person saw you shopping, and followed you around everywhere and anywhere you Ever went – shopping/home/work/restaurants.. and took notes. He sells those notes, and others can show you Ads of things they think you want to buy – trying to sell you at every angle. And if he isn’t selling you, he simply follows you more and takes more notes to use or sell to others. And you keep getting pushed different ads, at every turn.

The way things are and have been for years:
1. Tracking: Upon signing up for any app or site you often sign away any and all privacy.


privacy norm


2. Clickbait: Media relies on Clickbait and tricks.
Media has to resort to clickbait titles to get you to click at any cost. Media now is forced to win at clickbait and tricks rather than true journalism, investigating, and reporting real stories.

(Kind Example) Result:

this is media
These 2 examples are all too common.
They are (were?) the “norm”.

The reason for this is because Media relies on Ads.
Now, they’ve tried and are still trying Paywalls… from NYTimes to WSJ and more, paywalls so far are not working. People seem to prefer junk. “Shareable Sh*t.” For some reason, people claim they want quality and real stories, but then opt for free junk instead, as well as TRUE Fake News – also, spun and shared from the root of the issues with media.

If paywalls don’t work, then Ads are the only option. And with that, lack of privacy follows.

If in worst case it fails and we need to collect data and do Advertising like Everyone Else, we will let you know ahead of time, and you can opt-in or opt-out.

We don’t collect and sell your data. We don’t track you with cookies to sell ads. We don’t even “serve ads” – because who likes being tracked to be delivered a forced annoying ad? We collect your email and update you occasionally on news in your scene at most. And you can change all of your email notifications at any time in your profile settings.

Payments Privacy:
For payment transactions we use Wufoo, Chargify, Stripe or Paypal. We do not directly handle money directly on this site. And we use SSL, a hardware firewall, Cloudflare, and other security measures – all to have the best security and to honor your privacy.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the site! See below for privacy technical info.

Privacy Policy