In Los Angeles this Saturday, the aforementioned blues-and-rock infused Rob Morrow Band will play tracks off their upcoming debut album>robmorrowband, performing at Molly Malone’s along with Americana duo Mia and Jonah and alt-rockers Donkey Island Penitentiary

Mia and Jonah’s set will serve as the official LA record release show for their forthcoming fourth album ‘Spin as One,’ while Donkey Island Penitentiary’s set will be their last show in the area for the year. They’re currently on tour in support of their recent EP Escape From… (tickets:

Alert The Globe, a web-casting company based in SoCal, will be specifically broadcasting the Los Angeles events on Facebook Live. Other PFC Day events will be broadcast on Facebook Live throughout the weekend. Thus far, the PFC Foundation’s 15 music schools and programs have helped enrich the lives of over 20,000 children and their surrounding community in Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa and Thailand. Across the globe thus far, there have been over 330 events in 52 countries, with those numbers continuing to grow.


The Playing For Change Foundation, established in 2007, provides music education in areas that are culturally rich yet economically challenged. Children in countries around the world, from Africa to Latin America to Southeast Asia, attend free classes in music, dance and languages, taught by qualified local music teachers and led by regional administrators. Students learn about their own cultural traditions while employing technology to connect and share their experiences with others around the world. For more information, visit