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Pino Palladino and Blake Mills share live recording of “Man from Molise” today

Renowned bassist Pino Palladino and celebrated multi-instrumentalist and producer Blake Mills have unveiled a new live recording today of the track “Man from Molise” from their upcoming collaborative album Notes With Attachments releasing on March 12th.

“Man from Molise” began with a composition by Palladino that both musicians slowed down to half-speed and rebuilt.

“What you hear now has none of the original music in it,” says Palladino. “It definitely had an influence on us hearing that stuff slowed down, how it syncopates and swings, in a way that we couldn’t possibly come up with.”

That innovative approach touches every song on the record, which typically began with Palladino’s own melodic and rhythmic language and developed outward with references shared by the two musicians from West African and Cuban music, funk, jazz, and American pop.  Notes With Attachments, Palladino’s first full-length in twenty years, is set for release March 12 via New Deal / Impulse!

Pre-order + pre-save here: https://pinoblake.lnk.to/JustWrong

Starting On: March 12, 2021


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