Nosh with Tash is an approachable cooking show for busy people with refined palates. Each episode features a beautifully shot recipe that’s delicious and easy to master, without requiring culinary gymnastics.

Unlike the average cooking show, Natasha shoots every recipe in just one take!

She ad libs fixes and substitutions as needed, and rallies against the “Instagram-perfect” (yet inedible) trend of modern food bloggers who scare people into thinking they need to place their cilantro with tweezers. 
Nosh with Tash teaches viewers to cook and eat well, with amusing instructions from a fantastic chef, without any of the pretense.

About Tash / Natasha Feldman: 

Natasha Feldman, the host of Nosh with Tash, is a professionally trained private chef who didn’t always love to cook. While studying Shakespearean acting in London, at a time when the US dollar was at an all time low, she wound up spending more time trying to figure out how to save money by making her own simple stews and quick rising breads than memorizing her lines. She discovered she had an even greater pleasure from looking at huge stacks of walnut speckled brownies and enormous wheels of cheese from Borough Market than taking a final bow at the end of a show.

Upon return to the states, Natasha’s newfound love for cooking led to her fumbling her way through a culinary degree from LATTC and a slew of jobs as an assistant teaching cooking classes, eventually working her way up to run the culinary department for Miele USA.

Since creating a YouTube cooking show that was purchased by Yahoo in 2014, she has been both in front and behind the camera developing recipes, hosting shows, doing live demos on national tv and dipping her toes into the Food Network waters. She has worked with Lifetime, MGM, AOL, Huffington Post, Anheuser Busch and Le Creuset, just to name a few, and is thrilled to now be launching her first self-funded solo cooking project, Nosh with Tash, set to premiere on YouTube in February 2018.

Episode 1: Brown Rice That Doesn’t Suck

Now airing on Youtube every other Saturday thereafter.