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Night Sweats Premiere


Opening In New York and on All Major VOD Digital Platforms on November 14 

Written & Directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke

Story by Andrew Lyman-Clarke and Seth Panman

Starring John Wesley Shipp, Kyle DeSpiegler and Mary Elaine Ramsey

A chilling and suspenseful drama set in New York City, NIGHT SWEATS tells the story of a mysterious, sudden death that leads a young skateboarder to investigate the inner workings of the self-help company where his deceased roommate was employed. While going under-cover there, he discovers a scheme to spread a new virus that could devastate the city. At great risk to his own life, including contracting the disease himself, he will not stop until he finds the source of the virus and destroys the company that stands to profit when it becomes an epidemic.

An edge-of-your-seat thriller, NIGHT SWEATS is a frighteningly plausible story with many twists and a conspiracy that keeps the viewer guessing.

The film features the exclusive, unreleased track “It’s Gonna Come,” written and performed by indie rock darling Jagwar Twin and The White Poppy. Jagwar Twin has collaborated with Lana Del Ray, DJ Alesso and Blink 182 and is currently touring with rocker Avril Lavigne.

NIGHT SWEATS stars John Wesley Shipp (“The Flash,” “As the World Turns”), Mary Elaine Ramsey (“Runaways,” “The Blacklist”), Brett Azar (Terminator: Dark Fate, “The Blacklist”), Allison Mackie (“The Affair,” Our Very Own) and newcomer Kyle DeSpiegler. Written and Directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke. Story by Andrew Lyman-Clarke and Seth Panman. Producers are Jason Abrams and Seth Panman. Cinematography by Hilarion Banks and Music by John Kaefer.

NIGHT SWEATS will open November 14 in New York City at the Regal Essex Crossing & RPX theater.

It will also be available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play on Nov. 14.

Website & Trailer: https://www.nightsweatsmovie.com/


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