Home touches all subjects millennials alike may face including young marriage, pregnancy scares, mental illness, making it in creative industries, borderline racist in-laws, and finding the time for self-care (whether that’s through meditation or lighting up a joint).

The series received rave reviews last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, LA Web Fest, ITVfest, and LA Indie Film Fest.

About the series: When Micah and Keylee Parker leave their families and hometown in Texas to pursue careers in Los Angeles, they are faced with the painful realities of life and artistry in a big city. A looming pregnancy, two careers that have failed to launch, family pressures to come back south, and a notice that their rental home is being demolished, all lead them to question if it’s time to give up on the dreams they once had and head back to Texas—or stay and make a home for themselves in a city that offers endless possibilities but none of the comforts they once knew.

This semi-autobiographical series becomes universal in its specific and vulnerable explorations of the awkward, heartbreaking, and authentic experiences of the creators. It begs familiar questions for this generation: “Can you find a sense of home in a place that feels nothing like it?” “Is home where you make it, or who you make it with?”

About the Creators: Keylee and Micah first met in 2011 when they were cast in a play in Austin — they were immediately drawn to each other as artists and friends. By the time that production was over, Keylee and Micah were already beginning to dream up the films they wanted to make together. They moved to LA just over a year later and married not too long after that, and their creative relationship has been growing and expanding ever since.

photo credit Chuy Gutierrez

Website: https://www.bobbilliamsproductions.com/home

Season 1: https://www.bobbilliamsproductions.com/home-season-one/