Los Angeles, CA – February 15, 2017 – What if a makeup free Ruby Rose was the leader of a modern folk band like The Lumineers? They would be Abby and the Myth! Tall gorgeous lesbian Buddhist practitioner and multi-instrumentalist Abby Posner has released her second album as Abby and the Myth, the twelve song When You Dig a Well, largely recorded on 8-track tape, last week with sold out show at LA’s neo-folk headquarters Hotel Café.

The singer-songwriter has been on a professional roll lately signing a new licensing deal with noted music supervisor (“Six Feet Under,” “True Blood,” “House,” “Weeds,” “Entourage,” “Dexter”) and KCRW DJ Gary Calamar’s prestigious Laurel Canon Music Licensing. She’ll join such artists as Lowell George and Little Feat, Louise Goffin, Dave and Phil Alvin, Dengue Fever, Little Foxes, Lisa Germano, Bob Woodruff and more.

The album’s first single “Delicate Parade” was a top track on Today’s Top Tracks, and the new single “Grey Halls” has an amazing virtual reality video that allows VR goggle users to feel as if they are at an unplugged #concertforone standing in the middle of the band, as they play the song acoustically. It’s the most modern technology meeting the original music performance style. Regular watchers can mouse around the video to face the various band members as they play.

The video is available at https://samsungvr.com/view/EoRYr5RvSB6.

“It’s been an amazing few months setting up this album, the great response to Delicate Parade, signing with Gary, shooting a VR video, having a sell-out release show, I am excited to see what the rest of 2017 will bring!” notes Abby.

With a lifetime of playing music, bolstered by studies in CalArts notable music program, and several successful years in LA’s music trenches, When You Dig a Well, brings a unique, infectiously catchy indie folk rock sound that’s garnering major industry attention.

Fans compare Abby and The Myth to Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, and Of Monsters and Men. Their inviting harmonies, feel-good rhythms and sing-along choruses make for a lively, kinetic show that invariably has audiences up on their feet and dancing. Cara Batema, on accordion, adds tasty melodic ornamentation and winsome drones to thicken the chorus breakdowns, Donovan Bullen plays energetic upright bass lines with heart-tugging harmonies, and David Celia’s nuanced and virtuosic drumming adds a range of styles and flavors to the mix. As an ensemble, Abby and The Myth is going to take the nation by storm.

Since Abby started playing live with The Myth, a buzz has rapidly stirred up the Los Angeles music scene. They are regularly invited to play at venues around the city and have secured several highly coveted, high profile residencies including a monthly slot at the legendary Hollywood songwriter hangout, Hotel Café and they are the house band for “Don’t Tell My Mother” a popular live event featuring celebrities and top comedians sharing true stories they’d NEVER want their moms to know.

Abby and The Myth were profiled in a glowing review that appeared in the live section of Music Connection Magazine that included this glowing praise:

“Abby & the Myth are the kind of band that music fans always hope to stumble upon at a bar, but seldom ever do. With a presence big enough to fill an arena, it is hopefully just a matter of time before they get there”