Harry and the Potters dropped a new single and video from their upcoming album Lumos: “Where’s Ron?” The song is a duet between Harry Potter and Hermione (sung by Kimya Dawson) and the accompanying video features new work from the Potter Puppet Pals.  Lumos (out June 21st) is Harry and the Potters’ first full-length album in 13 years, and recounts the events of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, in which the wizarding world has been overtaken by fascist leaders determined to create a “Pureblood” state. Harry and the Potter will be embarking on an extensive tour of libraries across the United States. You can watch the video here:


From the band: “‘Where’s Ron?’ is a platonic friendship love song centered on the time period in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Harry and Hermione have been abandoned by Ron and must navigate a new space together as camping fugitives roaming the countryside. The song burns with teenage yearning as we ride an emotional rollercoaster though the subtext of the Harry/Hermione relationship.”


(c) Kim Newmoney

Harry and the Potters are the first wizard rock band. They play songs exclusively about the Harry Potter books. The band consists of brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge. They grew up in a suburban Boston house that has a cupboard under the stairs. Since 2002, Harry and the Potters have performed over 800 shows in libraries, rock clubs, art spaces, bookstores, basements, and all ages venues all over the world. Their high-energy live show has become legendary. Pitchfork placed the band in their Best Live Shows of 2005 list noting, “the greatest rock and roll tour of the year took place this past summer in public libraries across America… The Decemberists wish they could lit-rock like this.” 

Inspired by equal parts Fugazi and They Might Be Giants, Bruce Springsteen and Negativland, the band continues to occupy a bizarre niche that brings their DIY punk ethos to the fandom of a mainstream cultural phenomena. Their commitment to playing all ages shows has meant extensive touring in unconventional spaces like libraries (where a large number of teens and pre-teens undoubtedly saw their first concert ever). As fandom and convention culture has gone mainstream  – and in the process become increasingly corporatized – over the past decade, it feels refreshing to see a free Harry and the Potters show at the local library.

The band helped co-found the pioneering fan activist organization The Harry Potter Alliance and were profiled in the 2008 documentary We Are Wizards. With their annual Yule Balls (2005-present) and the Wizard Rock EP Club (which released albums from over 30 different wizard rock bands between 2007-2009), the band has raised over $100,000 for the Harry Potter Alliance and other literature-related charities. 

In 2019, they will release Lumos, their first full-length album in over a decade, and will embark on an extensive summer tour of libraries across the United States.


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