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Interview with Madison Young Creator behind Docuseries “Submission Possible” on REVRY

Joanna: What came first, the desire to learn more about spiritual kink culture, or the desire to learn about New Orleans queer and sexual culture?

Madison: For me, Submission Possible is really about traveling the country (and world!) and connecting with different kink and queer communities that exist in each city.  What are things that make that city’s kink and queer culture unique? Each city has its own personality and in Submission Possible I’m able to explore the things that make each city’s personality so luscious, vibrant, sexy, and kinky.  I’m able to really experience the heart of the city and meet brilliant kinksters who share with me their insight into everything from herbal aphrodisiacs to sex magic and spectrophilia!

What did you think sex magic (literally) was before this trip? 

I’m a long time witchy woman so I was familiar with sex magic and discuss my experiences with sex magic in the episode with the different guests.  I hadn’t however really explored spectrophilia which is the fetishizing of haunted spaces, haunted objects or ghosts and it was pretty surreal sleeping and shooting in a haunted mansion in New Orleans.  We definitely had some visitors both during production and that came and visited us in the night and it was fascinating to hear what folks experiences and thoughts were surrounding spectrophilia.  The thick and haunting energy in New Orleans was different than I have experienced anywhere else.  

Have you used herbs for sexual reasons before, and what did you experience and learn new from Gypsi ? 

Gypsi San Diego was amazing!  I really knew very little about herbal aphrodisiacs prior to meeting her.  I’ve always been interested in herbs but this was the first time for me to try any of these herbs.  And they were beautiful!  Just the colors of these gorgeous herbs and flowers flowing from the jars, rolled up into this neat little package and then set aflame.  It was a gorgeous ritual.  The ritual itself was seductive and then the effect of the herbs was simply delicious – a taste of cotton candy euphoria.  

What did you experience from the potion and seance at the end?

It was all just such a beautiful experience.  Simply the experience of all of us in the kitchen together as Ashton Young shared with us their immense gifts.  For all of us to be gathered together and creating this potion, putting our energy into it, and then gathering in a safe circle in which we made ourselves vulnerable and released what we needed to let go.. it was immensely powerful and sacred and an experience I will never forget. 

What other cities do you visit (or plan on visiting) in later episodes?

Well while everyone is still stuck in Quarantine we are planing on doing a Queerantine Island episode that captures how the kink and queer culture has adapted to quarantine with online sex parties, virtual pro-domme sessions, and drive thru strip clubs – which I’m super excited about!  Other cities on our current tour schedule include Joshua Tree, Seattle, Austin Texas, and a few more surprises for you all.

What else did you experience or learn that wasn’t in this episode?

It was my first time in New Orleans so the entire city was a brand new experience for me.  I felt a sense of warmth and love, generosity and big hearted authentic community that sprang from this city.   

There was a sense of celebration and an honoring of the spirit world.  The veil definitely felt very thin in New Orleans between the living and the dead, and that wasn’t something that folks were really scared of, there wasn’t the same fear of the dead and death in general that I think is prevalent in most of the country.  

Oh and I also discovered even if you are vegan, you can still find a great beignet in New Orleans!

Joanna: Thank you for the interview!


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