Interview with Disney alum Aimee-Lynn Chadwick (A Cinderella Story, Drake & Josh) on her new slightly neurotic Tinsel Townsend in TINSEL’S TOWN

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Interview with Disney alum Aimee-Lynn Chadwick (A Cinderella Story, Drake & Josh) on her new slightly neurotic Tinsel Townsend in TINSEL’S TOWN

TINSEL’S TOWN follows the outwardly self-confident but secretly vulnerable and slightly neurotic Tinsel Townsend, starring Disney alum Aimee-Lynn Chadwick (A Cinderella Story, Drake & Josh).

Tinsel is a quirky and sometimes politically incorrect LA actress determined to conquer Hollywood (or at least the hearts of her 5 new followers) by taking them along for the ride as she dispenses advice, rants about life in Los Angeles and navigates the pitfalls and potholes on the road to fame. 

Tinsel’s Town was written and created by David C. Barry and directed by BAFTA-winner Michael Lindsay-Hogg. It’s first season received incredible response with over 1.5 million views and a dedicated YouTube following. You can see the first season and trailer below. But first..
Tinsel's Town!

Tinsel’s Town!

Interview with Aimee-Lynn Chadwick – 

Arthur Glover – So what made you want to get into acting initially, and what led you to be in Tinsel’s Town? 

Aimee-Lynn Chadwick – I started acting when I was really young, doing theatre, and local TV commercials in The Boston area.  I was an extremely, painfully shy child. I had always been in dance class and secretly always wanted to be a singer and an actress.  It was my dance teacher who got me into it more, doing competitions and then  gaining more confidence to move on to  professional theatre,  finally I made the move to Los Angeles and moved on to film/TV.  I received an audition that my manager submitted me for and it was for Tinsels Town. When I read the first page I knew I HAD to be Tinsel. It was kismet, and a role I believe I had been training for,  for my whole life.

Arthur – How did you want to approach the character of Tinsel originally, and did that change in anyway by the time you wrapped filming? 

Aimee-Lynn Chadwick – I wanted to approach Tinsel from a really genuine, and vulnerable place.  She says a LOT of kooky things…and some things that could make her come across as unlikeable.  There is a fine line with her character that I felt if I didn’t truly “dive into her” and paint multiple layers… then she would just come across as too vapid, and annoying.  Luckily for me , David and Michael sort of just let me go!  There was direction here and there of course, but as far as what I brought to Tinsel, it was definitely what I had originally painted. I basically figured out who she was as a person. What happened to her to make her the way she is now. What are her quirks, what makes her tick?  I believe in acting,  it’s important to know these things about the characters you are playing.  Once you do, the words are able to flow naturally and the character has the opportunity to come alive and be believable.  David is SUCH a talented writer, so he makes it extremely easy for an actor to be able to find those idiosyncrasies that every memorable character has.

Arthur – What are the kinds of shows that entertain you currently? What makes a good show in your point of view? 

Aimee-Lynn Chadwick – If you asked me his question even 5 years ago I would have said …”what’s a TV show?” How amazing is TV these days?!! And the fact we get to binge watch!  So this question actually makes me happy. It’s such an exciting time right now with so many platforms and mediums giving us a diverse cornucopia of shows! For me, some of my favorites most recently have been “Big little lies” (the characters on that were acted to perfection!) Nashville(it’s my guilty pleasure) it has music and a story line I’m kind of stuck in.  I enjoyed “Girl Boss” because it was empowering and I love clothes and vintage stuff and I love Britt Robertson.  I think she is a phenomenal and fearless actress. Speaking of which .. Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black is just a mesmerizing force to me. The way she can play so many characters in one episode and you forget they are all her is what I believe acting is about! So many times I feel like as an actor you are only seen one way, or as one thing, one hair color.  Which is so weird to me, because isn’t acting just that? ACTING , having the opportunity of being a variety of different characters. She really lucked out scoring that role! How fun!

There are sooooo many more shows right now I could go on about like Stranger Things, and even the sitcom SPEECHLESS with Minnie Driver.  Having grown up with an uncle who has cerebral palsy , I admire the heart and wit and conversation that show has. It sheds light on CP and shows us that there is a thinking , feeling person trapped inside of a body that doesn’t work like everyone else’s. I think it’s a brilliant show, and I adore the characters.  Which leads me to the next part of your question, “what makes a good show” in my point of view? I believe for me, it’s character.  A lot of that has to do with writing. I’m obsessed with writing , and stories, and being transported into a different world for 26, or 52 minutes of my life.   If I am watching an actor in a show, and they literally break my heart, in a good or bad way… I’m sold.  Honesty, character, and storyline , make a good show for me. (It helps if I can binge a whole season on a lazy Sunday as well lol).

Arthur – What makes an intriguing character that you grow to care about? 

Aimee-Lynn Chadwick – I guess I may have already answered this question in the novel I wrote for the previous answer, but a character is intriguing to me if I start to care about them. I’ve always been a very empathetic person.  If I’m watching a show or a film and I find myself going through the feelings of a character as I’m watching them act… that intrigues me. I’m hooked.  Elle Fanning has that ability, in everything I’ve seen her in. Soirse Ronan has it, Shaline Woodley.  If one girl can make a grown a**  woman watch a whole season of “life of an American teenager” that’s an intriguing character.

Arthur – What would you like to see happen with this show?

Aimee-Lynn Chadwick – I’d love to see MORE of our show. Originally, “Tinsel’s Town” was written as a prequel to a pilot called “The Lullaby League”.   It’s David’s baby, and truly has become mine as well.  I’d love to see it go as far as it possibly could.  I’m not ready to let go of Tinsel just yet.  I think she is just getting started.

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