Interview with Allen Maldonado of ‘The Last OG’!

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Interview with Allen Maldonado of ‘The Last OG’!

Q&A Interview with Allen Maldonado of ‘The Last OG’!

Arthur Glover – So even though you’ve been on the last three seasons of Blackish, do you feel like your role in ‘The Last O.G.’ feels like a breaking out point for you?

Allen Maldonado – Yes. I believe it’s a larger dose of me on screen and I really enjoy the chemistry that Tracy Morgan and I have. He’s such a giving person on and off screen, he allows me to be great on screen as I have to rise to his level and I think the audience will really enjoy our performances.

AG – Now what is the format and genre of this show exactly? Since TBS picked it up, is it more on the comedy side?

Allen – It’s a comedy. With some dramatic moments as we tend to find the humor in a recently released inmate we don’ t run from the tough topic of some of the things most felons have difficulty with once returning to regular civilization.

the last og, new york city, turner upfront, red carpet

Turner Upfront 2017 arrivals on the red carpet at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on May 17, 2017 in New York City. (Courtesy of Turner)

AG – Let’s talk a bit about your role as Bobby, how did you connect with or feel like you were a good fit for it? Do you share anything with his character?

Allen – Me and Bobby are similar in a lot of ways. Bobby lost his role model/father figure at a young age as I did, and had to figure out life and how to be a man on his own. This is what makes the bond between Tray and Bobby so special, as Tray is his only lifeline to family and male guidance. He wants to be a good person but often due to the environment and lack of resources he finds himself on the other illegal activity. Now I didn’t get involved with such activity, but growing up I would be surrounded by similar elements and individuals who would be involved with such, so the temptation of quick money was always an option.

AG – Now you also have an app coming out called Everybody Digital, which is said to be the first app for short films. What does the app do for the short film world, and how is it different from other apps like Vimeo?

Allen – We will be the short form version of Netflix specializing in Short films and short form content such as digital series and comedy specials. We will be consolidating the short film genre in to one place one home that will forever be knows as Everybody digital. With Everybody digital, we will be creating an industry for short films as the genre has yet to evolve into its own money making industry by licensing short films and presenting them to a broader audience. As many short film makers know, film festivals are not a major outlet for exposure, often resulting in a marginal audience as film festivals cater to individuals in the film industry and close friends.

Everybody Digital will create a platform to bring short films to a world- wide audience directly to their phones in such a way that we bridge the gap from film festival enthusiasts to the average consumer who enjoys watching television and going to the movies. We are currently taking submissions from short film makers to join the long list of other award winning short films. I encourage them to visit and submit today. We are also creating and producing Original content from short films, digital series, and comedy specials, including stars such as Affion Crocket (Haunted house 1&2), Noel G (Training Day, Dark Knight, Fast and the Furious) SerDarius Blain (Jumanji), Woody McClain (The New Edition story), Gabrielle Denise (Rosewood), and Deon Cole (Black-ish, College-ish, Conan) just to name a few. We are set to launch in August with the official date to be announced very soon.

Allen Maldonado, Red Carpet

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 17: Allen Maldonado attends the Turner Upfront 2017 arrivals on the red carpet at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on May 17, 2017 in New York City. 26617_003 (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images. Courtesy of Turner)

AG – So how was it sharing scenes with Tracy Morgan? How do you feel about your chemistry on set with him? After the accident he was in a while back, I imagine he keeps things more relaxed.

Allen Maldonado – It’s crazy how Tracy and I share so many similar experiences in life as I was a victim of being hit by a drunk driver going 65mph while I was walking down the street. So being a survivor and having a deeper understanding of purpose often is the bulk of our conversations in between takes. I believe we have a special chemistry that makes us feel we’ve know each other for a lifetime. Our bond is special and I am very honored to call him my OG and mentor as he ushers me into this new type of spotlight I’ve yet to experience in my career. As I have a strong belief that there are no accidents–Tracy and this show is no accident and I hope the world is ready for his big come back and I’m enormously appreciative of being a part of it.


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