To win the rounds to come, we need to understand how and why Stone and Trump triumphed this time. To do that, watch GET ME ROGER STONE
-New York Daily News

“An incisive portrait of how Stone’s brand of dirty tricks — in which the only motivating factor in politics is to win — came to dominate the current state of disarray.” 
-The Atlantic

“Watching [GET ME ROGER STONE] is a necessary evil worth undertaking.”
– The Young Folks

On Oct. 19th DAN RATHER hosted a special screening and of GET ME ROGER STONE in NYC.  Mr Rather provided shared his insight on the importance of this film.  “I find increasingly people ask, ‘How in the hell did Donald Trump get to be president of the United States?’ This film is among the best answers to that question I’ve seen or read. Roger Stone in many ways created the Donald Trump that we see today.  Not only is understanding Roger Stone the key to understanding Donald Trump. He is a key, and perhaps the key, to understanding what has happened with American politics since the middle of the 1960s. Many people have never heard of him, much less have any clue about how important he has been for taking our politics to where it is now.”

A film by Morgan Pehme, Dylan Blank and Daniel DeMaurio
Executive Produced by Blair Foster

GET ME ROGER STONE follows the life of the self described “dirty trickster” and serves as an eye-opening crash course in the life of Roger Stone, who’s career is a window into the last 50 years of politics that led to this pivotal moment in history. Yet as current events have unfolded, what started as an in-depth study of a fascinating figure turned into an exclusive look at one man’s political impact – and a matter of national importance: Shining a light into the shadows where today’s political power resides. Stone spoke with the filmmakers right up to the month after President Trump’s election, which was, Stone declares, “The manifestation of a dream I’ve had since 1988.”  We all now live inside that manifestation.

GET ME ROGER STONE examines how it happened.

Coming soon to Netflix