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The Heart Project: Aidan Cullen and team launch decentralized creative studio with NFT offering today


September 27, 2021— The Heart Project, a decentralized creative studio, launches today via an offering of NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain, purchasable on OpenSea. 10,000 pieces featuring artwork by Stefan Meier are available now and will grant owners membership to a non-hierarchical, community-governed creative studio. Organizing initially via Discord, the studio will offer members opportunities to collaborate on projects of all mediums conceptualized by its ranks and funded by this debut NFT offering. Check out the NFTs, available now, at heartnfts.io for mint or https://opensea.io/collection/heartnftproject for purchase on the secondary market.

The Heart Project is the brainchild of visual artist Stefan Meier, director/photographer Aidan Cullen (A$AP Rocky, Trippie Redd, Halsey) and a team of crypto enthusiasts and creative professionals including Aaron MareskyJosh Fallas and Luke Davis. In the studio’s early days, these founding members will leverage their communities to bring in artist collaborators and notable creative projects. Projects with singer/songwriter Jean Dawson and producer D33j are planned, with many more on the way and the ultimate intention for The Heart Project to become a sought-after creative resource in its own right. The goal is to bridge the gap between the music/ fashion spaces and the NFT/Crypto world, and they already have a compelling roster of early supporters showing that potential: benny blanco, A-Trak, Dave 1 of Chromeo, Daniel Caesar, Edison Chen, ASAP Nast, SG Lewis, Elsie Hewitt, Deb Never, 347 Aidan and more.

“Over the last seven years of image making and making a living as a creative I’ve realized it’s always super hard to stay on top of passion projects,” says Cullen. “It’s increasingly difficult to get ideas executed for many reasons—whether financial, time, not enough resources, etc. But we should not lose sight of those projects. These passion projects are the ones that define us the most. It’s always been a dream of mine to create a platform where I can help other creatives get their ideas into the world without depending on a huge company to fund it. The Heart Project will do that. We are fostering a never before seen digital community to develop projects, issue grants and work alongside brands and artists. I think it is going to open up new ways of creating. Having 10,000 people collaborate on a project could change the creative landscape of the future. I am super excited to dive into these projects.”

“As an artist who spends most of my time working in solitude, I have often dreamed of how I could use my work to create a community,” says Meier. “The Heart Project is that dream come true. Our studio will be a place for everyone to have a voice. A never before seen platform where thousands of members encourage each other’s ideas and build projects together. The heart character is a symbol of this communal spirit. Building every project with love.”

In the coming months members will propose, vote on and execute creative projects as a community—all members who are Heart holders (NFT holders) will be welcome to submit ideas from any genre: short films, music videos, video games, clothing capsules and more. Projects will be funded by proceeds from this and future NFT collections, as well as future creative endeavors.

The 10,000 NFTs available in this collection feature artwork inspired by Meier’s childhood. Each Heart is unique: 235 attributes were plugged into an algorithm to randomly generate each piece according to a built-in, weighted rarity system. Each is selling today for 0.08888 ETH on the Ethereum blockchain. Proceeds from sales will also benefit charities chosen by members of the creative studio.



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