Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous

CHRIS GETHARD’S BEAUTIFUL / ANONYMOUS The Topic Original Premieres February 11th Based on the Critically Acclaimed Podcast Premiering February 11th Only on Topic Based on the popular podcast of the same name, host and comedian Chris Gethard tweets out a phone number and has a half hour conversation with whoever gets to him first and […]

Talking Feds Podcast Hosts Special Gen Z Episode

YOUNG VOTERS SPECIAL FEATURING PROMINENT UP-AND-COMERS IN POLITICS October 26, 2020—Celebrated political podcast Talking Feds recently hosted a special bonus Young Voters episode, featuring prominent up-and-comers Bianca Vivion Brooks, Victor Shi, Xiye Bastida and Ziad Ahmed discussing major election issues, voting rights and trust in our government. Listen to the episode HERE and learn more below: Bianca Vivion Brooks is a writer, artist and designer […]

Mandolin Orange joins The Milk Carton Kids for the Sad Songs Comedy Hour

The Milk Carton Kids’ Sad Songs Comedy Hour is premiering now, featuring NIVA (National Independent Venue Assoc.) Director Rev. Moos From The Milk Carton Kids’ Joey Ryan: Rev Moose, Executive Director of NIVA, tells us about the origins of NIVA and what we (and you!) can do today to help Save Our Stages. We perform Permanent, in hopes that our live music infrastructure […]