Broken Night An Interactive Live-Action VR Experience Starring Emily Mortimer & Alessandro Nivola Debuting at Tribeca Film Festival

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Broken Night An Interactive Live-Action VR Experience Starring Emily Mortimer & Alessandro Nivola Debuting at Tribeca Film Festival


An Interactive live-action VR experience

Starring Emily Mortimer & Alessandro Nivola

Debuting at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Immersive’s Virtual Arcade

April 21 – 29th | 12pm – 10pm (ticketed)

Tribeca Festival Hub | 50 Varick St., NYC | 5th Floor

A woman and her husband (Emily Mortimer & Alessandro Nivola) return home one evening to discover an intruder.  As she recounts the events of that evening to a police detective, the viewer chooses which of her memories to follow. Exploring the nature of memory itself, BROKEN NIGHT takes the viewer on a psychological journey to uncover the truth of what transpired.

Stunningly shot with riveting performances from Mortimer and Nivola, BROKEN NIGHT and Eko break new ground in VR by introducing interactive storytelling in live-action 360-video.

Utilizing Eko’s patented technology applied to VR, BROKEN NIGHT takes VR to a new level of immersion and engagement: viewers use their gaze to direct their choices within the performance-led narrative, effectively shaping the story as it unfolds. Stereoscopic 360 video seamlessly and immediately adapts to these individualized choices, presenting the viewer with a unique experience that puts them in control of the story as well as amid the intensity of the on-screen action.

BROKEN NIGHT points to the future possibilities of greater immersion and control in VR through interactive storytelling in live-action video.

Co-directed by Alon Benari and Tal Zubalsky, two guiding forces behind Eko, and written by Alex Vlack (Still Bill), BROKEN NIGHT will make its world premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

BROKEN NIGHT was produced by Eko, Hidden Content and Realmotion, in association with Irving Harvey.

Directed by: Alon Benari & Tal Zubalsky

Written by: Alex Vlack

Cast: Emily Mortimer, Alessandro Nivola, Josh Green, Michael Nathanson

Produced by: Jake Wasserman, Rose Seyfried, Kimberly Parker

Production Companies: Eko, Hidden Content, Realmotion, Irving Harvey

Section: Virtual Arcade

Status: World Premiere

TRT: 8 Minutes

Language: English

Eko is a media and technology company pioneering a new medium in which stories told in live action video are shaped by viewers as they unfold. The company provides the leading technology platform for the creation and delivery of interactive video entertainment and partners with media companies, independent creators and top brands to create experiences for highly-engaged, digitally native audiences. The company’s serialized shows are distributed through, affiliate partners, and social networks; available on desktop, mobile, connected devices and VR. Eko Studio, which includes the company’s authoring tools, is also home to a large and growing community of creators who are crafting their own interactive experiences with Eko’s medium. Eko provides top-quality interactive entertainment and also offers unique opportunities for brands to connect with highly engaged audiences. Eko investors include Innovation Endeavors, Intel Capital, Marker, MGM, NEA, Samsung, Sequoia Capital, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and WPP. The company is based in New York with offices in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.

Broken Night

Broken Night

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