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Beer Mogul Greg Koch’s New Documentary, ‘The Beer Jesus from America’

Now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video (here) and Vimeo on Demand

The Beer Jesus from America chronicles Stoning Brewing’s rock n’ roll co-founder, Greg Koch’s  often tumultuous journey to becoming the first American independent craft brewery to build, own and operate its own brewery in Europe.

Willing to risk millions on a dream to become the first American craft brewer to build, own and operate their own brewery in Europe, and also create an international craft brewing destination, Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch may have made the biggest mistake of his career!  Against seemingly insurmountable odds, the man who’s been nicknamed “the Beer Jesus from America” pushes on with passion and tenacity to join and help move forward Europe’s newly budding craft brewing scene as a revolutionary alternative to cheap industrial beer. Over four years filmmaker Matt Sweetwood (Beerland) captures this historic birth of an American brewery in Berlin, in a story of culture clashes, broken promises and a bottomless beer glass of unexpected challenges.

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