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Assembly Line Entertainment Releases MONEY, FASCISM AND SOME SORT OF ACID April 24, 2020

Assembly Line Entertainment Releases MONEY, FASCISM AND SOME SORT OF ACID April 24, 2020

CEO Janek Ambros Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Polish Film Auteur Krzysztof Zanussi

“Visually exciting…compelling and worth watching.”—Film Threat

Los Angeles, CA April 24, 2020—Assembly Line Entertainment’s latest production, the anthology series MONEY, FACISCM AND SOME SORT OF ACID, releases on Amazon Prime and Vimeo April 24, 2020 ahead of other VOD/EST platforms.

Directed by Janek Ambros (MONDO HOLLYWOODLAND) MONEY, FASCISM AND SOME SORT OF ACID is a collection of five loosely connected stories spanning Wall Street bailouts, WW2, the French Revolution, Brexit, and political polarization, all of which are connected by the threat of fascism and the fragility of democracy. This review of historical events highlight how our current corporate economic system—exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis—is dismantling the working class and will inevitably lead to a rise in authoritarianism, something Ambros proposes is unfolding in the US and abroad.


Ambros wrote, produced and directed the series, which stars Steven Molony, Aleksei Diakow, Joe Riitano and Nathalie Simille. The composer is Corey Wallace. Ambros’ most recent feature film, MONDO HOLLYWOODLAND, made its world premiere at the DTLA Film Festival last October and will be released later this year. This psychedelic comedy that pays homage to the counter-culture films of the 60s follows a groovy mushrooms dealer (Chris Blim) and a man from the 5th dimension who traverse through Hollywood to find the meaning of “Mondo.”

This past March, just before COVID-19 exploded is Spain, Ambros was selected to present a lifetime achievement award to fellow Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Zanussi in Vitoria-Gasteiz in northwestern Spain. Ambros presented the award on behalf of the Roots of Europe Cultural Association during the 3rd Annual Roots of Europe Film Festival (REIFF, www.raicesdeeuropa.com). Ambros, a fellow Polish filmmaker, delivered his own remarks, along with a note from Martin Scorsese which Ambros read at the presentation. Organizers played a chapter from MONEY, FACISCM AND SOME SORT OF ACID, “May 15th in Paris,” ahead of the presentation.

“I couldn’t have been more honored to take part in this tribute,” Ambros said. To be able to share the stage with a filmmaker of Zanussi’s stature was a lifetime achievement for ME.” Background on the Awards program and presentation is here: https://vimeo.com/395438586 and the video that was presented is here: https://vimeo.com/395422383


Director/writer/producer: Janek Ambros

Composer: Corey Wallace

Executive Producers: Galo Medina, Joe Riitano, Jillian Barba


Steven Molony – Various

Aleksei Diakow – The Fascist

Joe Riitano – The Broker

Nathalie Simille – Narrator

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