Arthur King Presents: Randy Randall ‘Sound Field Volume One’ LP out March 29 via Dangerbird Records, “Shore Sunset Pt. 1” premieres today via Aquarium Drunkard

LA-based experimental music and art collective Arthur King is set to release Randy Randall’s Sound Field Volume One as the next installment in their ongoing album release series, Arthur King Presents. The solo debut from Randall—best known for his work with No Age—is due March 29 on Dangerbird Records. Watch/share “Shore Sunset Pt. 1” HERE, which premieres today via Aquarium Drunkard; read the full piece HERE.

“This project has been a really fun way to explore the many different environments of Southern California,” says Randall, “We drove along the 10 freeway from the desert at sunrise thru the suburbs in the morning, thru downtown LA in the afternoon and ending at the beach at sunset. This video is the first part of sunset and it reflects the way the beach interacts with the city and how people experience a peaceful environment right next to the highway.”

There will be an immersive multimedia installation from Randall and visual artist Aaron Farley, featuring footage from the Interstate 10 highway shot between Palm Springs and the Santa Monica Pier, and the album it inspired. The event will take place over two weekends, March 29 – March 31, and April 5 – April 7 at 1700 Naud in Los Angeles.

Grammy-nominated composer, songwriter, and guitarist Randy Randall is a member of the experimental punk group No Age and is heavily involved in the Los Angeles DIY music scene. Sound Field Volume One, the debut solo album from Randall, is a series of ambient pieces inspired by California’s I-10 highway. From the desert sunrise in Palm Springs to the dense traffic of Downtown LA to the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier, the album takes listeners on a journey through the various landscapes along the route.

“Our hope was to show the life of a singular entity traveling for miles through diverse environments and socioeconomic cultures, culminating in a moment to reflect on our own place within the larger picture of daily commutes and congestion, to see with a fresh perspective where we have been and where we are able to go,” Randall says.

Who is Arthur King? The LA-based collective allows musicians to come together to improvise experimental music and visual art performances in unique spaces. Performers include musicians who have played with Beck, Lou Reed, John Cale, Elliott Smith, Earlimart and EELS, among others. Learn more here:

Arthur King Presents is a platform aimed at stimulating creative collaboration and expanding the definition of creative expression. Arthur King Presents: Album Releases is a series of one-off experimental albums curated by Arthur King members.

More ongoing series from the collective include:

Changing Landscapes is an ongoing series in which Arthur King captures sounds and images from a specific environment via field recordings and uses the material to create live improvised performances in the same setting. They aim to encourage a deeper consciousness of the environment and our place within it through music and film. This entire process is recorded live, filmed, and released as a multi-media album via Dangerbird Records. Previous installment locations include the Grand Escalante Staircase in Utah, the deck of a catamaran in the Pacific Ocean and the Trona Pinnacles near Death Valley.

Unknown Movie Night is a series in which Arthur King invites an audience to attend a movie screening with a live score. Neither the band nor the audience knows what film will play ahead of time, and the band improvises a live score from beginning to end. Audio is recorded and released via Dangerbird Records. Previous films have included Darren Aronofsky’s Pi, Pixar’s Wall-E, Planet of the Apes, Edward Scissorhands, Delicatessen and Jurassic Park.