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American Zoetrope’s Roman Coppola Presents Blockchain-Based Nonprofit Decentralized Pictures @ Cannes Next

Cannes Next: Opening Doors with Decentralized Pictures–A Fireside Chat with Roman Coppola and Leo Matchett

CANNES – July 12, 2021 – American Zoetrope, the legendary production company founded more than 50 years ago, shares plans for its blockchain-based nonprofit Decentralized Pictures (DCP) during Cannes Next, Le Marché du Film’s innovation conference. They will launch the betanet very soon and the DCP financing app shortly after. DCP’s financing app is a talent-sourcing platform harnessing the democratic power of blockchain to give community members a voice in funding underserved filmmakers and advancing the future of filmmaking for all. Co-founders Roman Coppola and Leo Matchett will be on-site at Cannes to present DCP’s vision, with the event also accessible online for more than 10,000 market participants.

“Since my father first founded American Zoetrope in 1969, it has built its legacy on finding new and innovative ways to support independent filmmaking, and the launch of DCP takes this vision beyond Hollywood to empower creators all over the world,” said Coppola. “Opening doors and helping navigate the hurdles of the industry will aid new talent and bring fresh perspectives to lovers of film, television and all forms of storytelling media. Since 2018 we’ve been building DCP and its one-of-a-kind blockchain technology to deliver a robust platform that provides filmmakers with the resources and guidance they need to realize their artistic visions.”

DCP utilizes blockchain technology to curate and elevate deserving talent and content and is the first-ever 501(c)(3) to issue digital assets using section 3 (a)(4) of the 1933 Securities Act. With its decentralized structure, filmmakers can submit proposals and have them voted on by the platform’s community of artists, filmmakers, and lovers of cinema. Anyone can sign up to review projects and DCP’s unique rewards system incentivizes participation to foster an engaged and knowledgeable community. Users who are good at reviewing will build reputation and their votes will gain additional weight in the process and earn for doing so.

DCP’s voter data insights, which are transparent and recorded on the blockchain for all to see, will determine the most deserving projects and guide them to financing and support with our network of industry partners. The highest rated projects will be connected with production partners for development, production and distribution, and runners-up will be introduced to talent agencies, management companies. Select projects may even receive gold star mentoring from DCP board members including veteran filmmakers in DCP’s network.  

“DCP is bringing brand-new ideas to both blockchain and the silver screen, but behind the cutting-edge technology is American Zoetrope’s long standing ethos of supporting the art community in a collaborative way,” said DCP CEO Leo Matchett. “By leveraging the platform’s transparent voter data insights and a robust rewards system to incentivize participation, we can provide meaningful support to budding talent in realizing their films and most importantly, we hope to be a part of launching careers.”

About Decentralized Pictures

Decentralized Pictures (DCP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization composed of filmmakers and movie fans whose mission is to support independent filmmakers with focus on artists from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds. Started by a network of industry leaders, including master filmmaker and entrepreneur Roman Coppola, DCP aims to open the doors of Hollywood for those without connections or monetary backing through a fair and transparent blockchain protocol that determines the most deserving artists. 

By leveraging the platform’s decentralized community voting, voter data insights, and a robust rewards system to incentivize participation in the curation process, DCP provides financing and industry resources to assist budding talent in realizing their films and launching their careers. 

Starting On: August 12, 2021

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