Amazon Video Direct Announces Tribeca Film Festival Stars Program

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Amazon Video Direct Announces Tribeca Film Festival Stars Program

Amazon Video Direct (AVD), Amazon’s self-distribution platform, has announced the details of its Film Festival Stars program (FFS) at the Tribeca Film Festival, including its extension to short films.

Film Festival Stars, launched prior to Sundance 2017, is designed to establish an attractive distribution model for films screened at major film festivals and provide rights holders with flexibility and control in monetizing their films. The expansion builds on recent success at Sundance, and most recently at SXSW, where FFS has seen a handful of films already opt into the program ahead of the April 30th deadline.

  • In addition to curating a strong feature line-up, Tribeca is recognized as an excellent curator of short films. Shorts, traditionally do not have clear pathways to distribution – Amazon Video Direct seeks to solve this problem with the extension of FFS to short films.

  • Under the shorts program, any short officially programmed in the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival will be eligible to win part of a $50K royalty bonus that will be awarded to the top five shorts streaming on the platform, based on customer engagement, from October 1 – December 31, 2017.



Short Films:

  • Royalty Bonus:

    • Total Royalty Bonus pool: $50k

    • Top 5 titles based on customer engagement within the performance measure period are awarded $10k each

  • Performance measurement period: October 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

  • SVOD Royalty: $0.15/hour viewed (US); $0.06/hour viewed (non-US)

  • Payment Terms: SVOD royalty paid on standard AVD terms

  • Must confirm publication of film to AVD via email

Additionally, Amazon Video Direct will extend its full FFS program to rights holders of Featured Films at Tribeca. AVD’s royalty structure is a new way for rights holders to reach a highly engaged audience through Prime Video and earn revenue based on how much customers watch the title. Under the FFS program, AVD is offering double the regular royalty rate ($0.30/hour viewed (US); $0.12/hour viewed (non-US)). Rights holders will receive a one-time, non-recoupable cash bonus up to $100k based on qualifying categories, which, at their discretion, may be applied toward marketing the film in the pre-SVOD windows including subsidizing promotions and advertising. Films will have until next year’s festival to window into SVOD. Additionally, Amazon Video Direct will support Film Festival Stars titles with on platform merchandising.


Feature Films:

  • Scope of Rights/Territories: U.S. plus all other available territories

  • SVOD Term: 24 months exclusive (All other windows remain non-exclusive)

  • Required SVOD Avail Date: All films must be released in Prime Video (SVOD) window by no later than March 31, 2018.

  • Cash Bonus by Category (non-recoupable, one time):

    • U.S. Narrative Competition: $100K

    • World Documentary Competition: $75K

    • International Narrative Competition, Spotlight Narrative, Spotlight Documentary, Special Screening, Viewpoints, Midnight: $25K

  • Enhanced SVOD Royalty: $0.30/hour viewed (US); $0.12/hour viewed (non-US): This is double the standard rates.

  • Payment Terms: Cash bonus to be paid in full within 60 days of (1) offer acceptance and (2) delivery of video asset via the AVD portal in accordance with technical specifications. Enhanced SVOD royalty paid on standard AVD terms (monthly, 90 days arrears)

Full terms for the AVD Film Festival Stars program at Tribeca can be found at

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