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Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager Movie “No Safe Spaces” Confirms Theatrical Release Platform; From Phoenix to 600 Screens Through November

Los Angeles, CA, October 3, 2019–NO SAFE SPACES, the highly anticipated crowdfunded docudrama/documentary starring comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla and radio talk show host and educator Dennis Prager, has firmed up its national platform release with Atlas Distribution for October, November and December 2019.

The film, which demonstrate how First Amendment rights are being eroded in America, will open first in Phoenix, Arizona, October 25th. The following week, November 1st, NO SAFE SPACES will open in Denver, Tampa, San Diego and Greenville, SC, followed by New York and Los Angeles November 15th. The film will go on to other markets from those cities, with an estimated 600 screens showing the film before the end of the year. The producers plan a gala premiere in Los Angeles on Veteran’s Day, Monday, November 11th . Atlas most recently distributed Robin Williams’ final film ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and Charlie Sheen’s film, 911.

NO SAFE SPACES features an all-star cast of supporting guests from all sides of the political spectrum including actor/comedian Tim Allen, Van Jones, Alan Dershowitz, Dr. Cornel West, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin and others and has garnered a significant amount of attention from newsmakers who have gotten a sneak peek at the film. Former NBC/Fox on-air talent Megyn Kelly got a look recently and raved,

“NO SAFE SPACES is a film every American should see. I could barely move when it was over. Powerful, emotional and a call to action for anyone worried about the ideological fascism happening in this country. It is a brave, timely and important film.” “Godfather of Shock Rock” and golfer Alice Cooper said, “I’ve seen almost every horror movie and this is by far the scariest. Reality is much scarier than fiction.”

*The film recently got a dust-up when it was slapped with a PG-13 rating by the MPAA, citing an animated scene in the film reminiscent of “Schoolhouse Rock” where the Bill of Rights gets shot. Filmmaker Judd Apatow tweeted at Prager, “You know how hard I had to beg the ratings board to not get an ‘R’ because Ron Burgundy (of ANCHORMAN) had a boner?” Apatow, the producer said, “Yes, you and me are in the same business now. Enjoy!” The producers have appealed.


NO SAFE SPACES (Docudrama/Documentary): Theatrical Release Date: Friday, October 25, 2019

Starring: Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager.

Also featuring: Tim Allen, Van Jones, Jordan Peterson, Alan Dershowitz, Ben Shapiro, Cornel West, Dave Rubin

Producer: Mark Joseph

Director: Justin Folk

Writer: John Sullivan

Running Time: 95 minutes

Rating: PG-13

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